Fall Courses 2017

9 Dec, 2014

Fall Classes are starting soon! Take a look at a list of courses we are offering this fall!

    General Education
BSC1020 Biology and the Human Experience
DEP2004 Human Growth & Development
ENC1101 Composition I
LIT2000 Introduction to Literature
SLS1201 Personal Development
Professional Strategies
IDS2306 Contemporary American Issues
MAT1030 College Algebra
PHI2014 Introduction to Philosophy
IDS4914 Research Methods
IDS2350 Critical Thinking
SYG2000   Sociology

 Business Administration
MAN2021 Principles of Management
Principles of Marketing
MAR4503 Consumer Behavior
MAR4333 Integrated Advertising
MTB1103 Business Math
Organizational Theory
ENC4263 Writing for Management
Corporate Finance
APA1111 Accounting I
MNA1100 Principles of Human Resources
CGS1100C Computer Applications 1
ISM4011 Management Info Systems
MAN4151 Organizational Behavior and HRD
GEB1011 Business Principles
BUL2131 Business Law and Ethics


 Health Care Adminstration
HSA4423 Health Care Law
HSA3180 Health Care Management and Leadership
HSC3032 Community Health
HSA4140 Health Care Strategy
HSA4170 Health Care Finance
MEA2235 Medical Law and Ethics
HSA4850 Health Care Administration Capstone
HSC1531 Medical Terminology

NUR4836 Healthcare and Professional Nursing Issues for Today and the Future
NUR4945 Nursing Capstone