Winter Courses 2018

9 Dec, 2014

Winter Classes are starting soon! Take a look at a list of courses we are offering this winter!

    General Education
ENC1101  Composition I
ENC1102 Composition 2
PSY1012  Principles of Psychology
GEA4191 World Environments
PHI4609 Ethics
SYD4700 Race and Ethnic Relations
ECO1000 Introduction to Economics
POS1041  American National Government
SLS1201 Personal Development
SLS2301 Professional Strategies
HUN1206  Nutrition
HUM1020 Humanities
MGF1106 Topics in College Mathematics


 Business Administration
MAR1011 Principles of Marketing
International Business
MAR3414 Sales Strategies
MAR4156 Global Marketing
MAN4333 Integrated Advertising
Operations Management
SBM1000  Small Business Management
Accounting 2
CGS1571C Computer Applications 2
MAN4720 Business Policy and Strategy
MAN3605 Cross Cultural Human Relations


 Health Care Adminstration
HSA4140    Health Care Strategy
HSA1100 Basics of US Healthcare
HSA4502 Risk Management and Patient Safety
HSA4850  Health Care Administration Capstone
HSA4191 Health Information Systems Management
HSA3173  Health Care Accounting
HSC3661 Health Care Communication
HSC2149 Pharmacology
HSA3160 Health Care Marketing