Online learning is a very convenient way to continue your education without having to travel to and from campus. Online classes can be a great alternative if you have work and personal constraints that make attending face-to-face classes challenging.

Three questions to consider:

  1. Do you have consistent access to computer on a regular basis?
  2. Are you good at managing your time?
  3. Do you have at least 4 hours per week, per online course to login and work on the class?

If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, an online course(s) may be a good fit for you.

  • On ground students who have completed at least one quarter at City College may enroll in an online course. Students enrolled in a fully online program may take classes after they have been accepted into their program of study.

  • Proficiency in computer and Internet use
  • Self-motivation/self-starter/active learner
  • Strong reading skills/enjoy reading
  • Good writing skills
  • Online research skills/using a search engine
  • Effective time management
  • Be organized
  • Be discipline
  • Ability to work independently
  • Moderate to advanced keyboarding/typing skills
  • The ability to manage computer files (such as Word and Excel documents)
  • Know how to upload/attach/open/save/print a document
  • Know how to attach a file
  • Know how to copy, cut and paste in Word
  • Knowledge of how to use Microsoft Office Software
  • Ability to create a PowerPoint presentation
  • Understand how to use various browsers
  • Know how to find a specific web site (web searches)
  • Be able to navigate through a website.
  • Email skills
  • Research skills
  • No. In a traditional face-to-face class, a student spends 4 hours in class and then can expect to spend another 2 to 3 hours outside of class doing homework. In an online class, students will spend the same 7 hours completing coursework. The only difference is that instead of an instructor leading you through a class for 4 hours and then you spending your own time on reading, research and completing assignments, you will now need to manage your time to complete readings, research and assignments in that same time block without 4 hours of instructor guidance. This is why being self-motivated and being able to manage your time effectively become critical.

  • In an on ground class, you create 5 hours to drive to class, sit in class and then drive home. In an online class, you should plan those five hours, for example, by dedicating an hour each day to completing an activity in the online classroom – either reading, posting or completing an assignment.

  • At City College both online and on ground courses meet for 11 weeks.

  • Online classes require textbooks just like on ground classes.

  • Each course has assignment due dates and schedules.

  • Students are required to participate each week.

  • Attendance is taken in both formats. In an on ground class, you create attendance by being physically present in class. In an online class, you earn attendance by submitting assignments. You must submit at least 10% of your weekly assignments to earn attendance. A good rule of thumb is to plan to be in the online environment and working at least 4 days out of each week. One day to submit assignments and then at least two days to post your discussion questions and then to respond to your fellow students. Following this rule of thumb will ensure that (a) you earn your attendance points and that (b) you stay on track with your assignments.
  • MyCity Online does have an Orientation program which students are expected to complete. It explains the rules of online learning, gives you tips on being successful and teaches you how to navigate MyCity Online. Once you have completed the Orientation program, you will take a mini quiz and then be issued a Certificate indicating your successful completion of Orientation.

  • The Orientation simulation program will open the FRIDAY before the term starts. Completing the orientation simulation program with an 80% or higher score will generate a certificate. Students will upload the newly generated certificate to the course home, which will open the entire course

  • Once this is complete, then you may proceed into your online classroom.
  • Each online course requires reading in the textbook and reviewing the lectures within the online learning platform (MyCity Online). Each course has at least one discussion. The coursework varies from class to class and may include one or more of the following: discussion, writing assignment, reflection paper, multiple choice or short-answer quizzes, case studies, and final project.

  • On average a student should expect 7 hours of coursework on a weekly basis.
  • Each online course requires a textbook

  • The City College bookstore currently offers purchase, or rental options of a physical book.

  • Students are required to purchase the book as listed in the syllabus (the same version/edition) but it is up to the student where and whether they purchase the physical or e-book. Please note: All chapter and page references in your course will reflect the physical book.