Find detailed information about the basics of writing an APA style paper including in-text citations, reference lists, formatting your paper and tips for conducting research. 


APA Basics, PDF Handouts (Downloads), Parts of an APA paper, What is APA Style?, Online APA Help                                                                                    

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Formatting Your Paper: Style Formatting, Video on formatting and APA style paper (printable page)                                                                                    


In Text Citation Information                                                                                                                                                                                                      

APA Format Setup in Word 2010.

APA Format and Citations: Sixth (6th) Edition.

Using APA style for references and citations.

Tutorial for formatting APA style rules using Word 2011 for Mac.

Plagiarism: How to avoid it.

Grammar Bytes! Presents: Plagiarism: Avoid Academic Theft for Research Success.