Click on the tabs below below for instructions on how to post and view your discussion.

Posting Your Discussion

Type your response directly into the (Discuss) box. DO NOT submit your discussion post as an attachment in a Microsoft Word document UNLESS you are submitting a document for peer review.

You can keep track of you word count by viewing the word counter at the bottom of the text box. 

Once your answer has been typed, the SAVE button will appear.
Keep in mind that once you have created a response you will not be able to edit it. Be sure to take your time developing and editing your response prior to submission.

Viewing Your Discussion Post

Once you have completed and saved your initial discussion post, you will be able to access the full discussion forum with your classmates' posts and responses in the "Discussions" tab of your course page.

You will also be able to respond to your classmates posts. 

Use the arrow on the drop down menu to see each weeks discussion posts. 

Posting Tips

  To avoid having to redo all your work in case of a technical error, save all discussion posts you create in a Microsoft Word document or Notepad document before you post them to your discussion forum. 

This way you won't have to retype your post if there is a technical issue! Also be sure to re-read one last time before you submit your discussion post. Remember once you have posted it, you cannot change it. 

The Discussion Forum

    Discussions now support unlimited threading and the first four levels are indented to provide you with a more intuitive view of the discussion (this view pertains to pc's and laptops only).  

Also you can easily identify faculty/course administrators via special blue highlighting and a special icon next to the person's name.

The Discussion Forum

You can respond to your classmate's discussion posts by clicking on "Reply."

The Discussion Forum

    Use the Fromat tool bar to: add bullet points, add a heading, make text bold, add am image or a video and indent text.

The Discussion Forum

  1. First, post a response to the original questions. Your original response needs to meet a minimum of 100 words. You will not earn points for completion alone. Both the content and the quality of your writing will be assessed. The depth and breadth of the response will be considered. Grammar counts, too. As a general rule, your original response should be thoughtful, thorough, and well developed.

  2. Second, as a way to encourage class discussion and mimic the kind of conversation that would take place in a conventional on-campus classroom, you must also post two peer responses. Select two of your fellow students' posts and respond to them. Again, you will not automatically earn points for completion alone. Both the content and the quality of your writing will be assessed. Your peer response needs to meet a minimum of 50 words. Do more than just say "I agree" or a similar response. Instead, explain why you agree or disagree -- or better yet, ask questions, consider alternatives, etc.

  3. Post by the deadline listed on syllabus/schedule.